For Pride 2019, Hate Sucks (a charity platform created by Skinnydip London) we teamed up with Benefit to create a safe space in the heart of Leicester Square. We sold a collection that 100% of profits were divided between three LGBTQ+ charities, as well as holding panels and events for the public to learn more about the community.

I was responsible for idea generation as well as graphics. The building we used was White Space, so I worked closely with our PR team and external clients to               transform the blank canvas into a fun and vibrant experiance. I designed the front of the building to also work as a instagramable moment, we also designed all the graphics to put a spotlight on key names within LGBTQ+ history. I then took the printed graphics we made, and created animations to be looped during events, as well as all social content over the month of London Pride to raise awareness. 

The building takeover ran over 4 days and in this time we had a footfall of 1000 people and made profits of £6.5k (including web sales                                                              of selected products) that went for the following three LGBTQ+ charities -  Diversity Role Models, Mind Out and UK Black Pride.
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